The Prologue


Kate Baxter is forced by her Ukrainian dealer Kazak, to smuggle the stimulant drug AKA across the Security Check Points. Her life is about to change in ways she cannot imagine as her world falls apart. Trapped in a situation beyond her control she accepts her fate and joins a group of radical extremists on the run from the government. Now stranded in the wilderness she forms an alliance with the leader of the group. Together they become the voice of the oppressed. However the tide turns against them as Commander Steenkamp unleashes Operation Clean Sweep.


Neliswe, a reporter from Cape Town receives a tip off about Staaldraad, a state run mining complex in the middle of the desert. Against all better judgment she sets out on a dangerous mission to investigate. Exposing the truth will set events into motion, that cannot be undone.


In Brussels, Vargän Barchevski now the supreme leader of the United World of Nations has a meeting with a panel of his top geo-scientists. The latest facts regarding Global Warming are beyond alarming and he is forced to make a decision that will have prophetic ramifications for all mankind. There is no turning back.

Terrorism has reached a new level of insanity after the nuclear attacks on New York and London. One diabolical act changed global laws and ushered in a dictatorial government under the United World of Nations. Modern society lives in a state of fear as all citizens are constantly monitored and tracked with iBand surveillance technology. Resistance to authority is futile and brutally suppressed by the International Peacekeepers of the UWN.


This story is about awakening, its about resistance and survival in an uncertain world where only a few are brave enough to stand against tyranny and oppression.
This is a pre apocalyptic adventure into a draconian New World Order.


Terrorist Attack

It was a Monday morning at precisely 8.46am when the driver of the truck detonated the first device outside the UN building in New York. The flash of intense light thundered the heavens and melted the earth with raw nuclear power. Nothing could stand as elements dissolved into fire and ash. Surveillance systems orbiting high above the earth recorded the event as the Oppenheimer Cocktail obliterated everything within a 5-km radius. With the world in a state of shock the second device was detonated at precisely 09.03am outside Buckingham Palace. London stood against the Luftwaffe, but it would never stand again as it too was reduced to rubble and ruin.

iBand Tracking

A new UWN iBand security protocol is introduced, the compulsory wrist units enable all its citizens to be permanently connected to the UWN network and monitored in a cashless fast-paced hi-tech society. No longer are there any Passports or Identity cards, as within the iBand wrist unit all personal records, security profiles and access codes are stored. In addition the deployment of twenty million peacekeepers worldwide brings stability to the troubled regions.


This story is about resistance and survival in a system that will eventually enslave all within its grasp. For within the distant future the inevitable progress towards a cashless society is only a matter of time. All that is required is a trigger effect to instigate worldwide panic and fear whereby the true powers that control the world can then unleash their plan for complete economic and political control. This is not science fiction, but a logical conclusion that will eventually lead to the establishment of a New World Order


Kate Baxter

Global iBand expert

British elegance and breeding sets her apart from the crowd, however her life is about to change forever.

Nathan Cohen

Israeli Extremist

Now on the run with seven other cult members they struggle to survive in the remote area of the Cederberg Mountain Range.

Nicole Kruger

Afrikaans Farm Girl

Nicole's life soon takes a drastic change when she discovers a wounded stranger hiding in her fathers barn.


Lt Colonel Steenkamp

Officer Commanding of a secret detention facility, Steenkamp oversees the process of locating and disposing of undesirable elements.


Ukrainian Dealer

In a world of drugs and the lucrative sex trade, the Ukrainian ex gangster offers a service to those deep in debt.

Lt Lukas Modisa

Agent for Steenkamp

With 250 UWN troops assigned under his command Lt Lucas Modisa unleashes terror against the extremists.

Vargän Barchevski

UWN Supreme Leader

Chancellor the UWN under his control has become the single most powerful empire to ever exist.


Reporter for ETVN

Neliswe unravels the truth regarding a top secret detention facility called Staaldraad.

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